Timeshare Cancellation Services

We offer timeshare cancellation services to timeshare owners that feel the timeshare representatives misrepresented material facts and or failed to disclose information that otherwise may have prevented the buyer from purchasing the timeshare.

Examples of common misrepresentations:

  • Being told you are buying a real estate investment.
  • Being told your timeshare is a tax write off.
  • Being told they have a resale department in the event you want to sell your property/points.
  • Informed the resort was pet friendly and later finding out pets are not allowed.
  • Verbose claims to induce the purchase of the timeshare.
  • Not being informed of exchange fees and being told that you can travel freely at anytime to any place.
  • Not being made aware of maintenance fees or that your fees will increase.
  • Not being informed of potential assessments as the property ages or that you may be responsible for additional dues when other timeshare owners have backed out of their timeshare.
  • Summoned to a meeting under the guise it is a mandatory “owners” meeting only to be pressured and sold an upgrade.
  • Not being able to use your timeshare, with the resort citing that nothing is available or you do not have enough points.
  • Not being informed of the time period in which you can cancel your timeshare.

These are just a few of the many violations that occur every day in the timeshare industry. While there certainly are timeshare companies that operate professionally, unfortunately they appear to be few and far between. If you find yourself a victim of timeshare misrepresentation, fraud or coercing, fill out our FREE CONSULTATION form and we will schedule an appointment to discuss your situation with Attorney Budowski. Ms. Budowski will not take your case unless she believes she can help you. The firm offers flexible payment arrangements and will do their best to accommodate each client. We have full merchant services, accepting Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eCheck, direct ACH withdrawal as well as PayPal.


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Keep in mind we are a fully licensed and insured law firm. Be advised there are many companies (NOT LAW FIRMS) that offer “timeshare cancellation services”. These companies usually require full payment upfront and surprisingly, most times are more expensive than a law firm.

Don’t become another victim – beware of timeshare scams and fraud.

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