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Thank you, Susan!


Before I contacted Susan, I investigated a few other outfits who said they could help me cancel the timeshare contact I got myself in. The others wanted my contact info first (scam), more money than Susan, and they said they would show me which paperwork to use, how to fill them out, and how and where I would have to file them. Susan did all the filing and correspondence with the time-share people. She was able to get all the money paid back and get the contract cancelled. Thank you, Susan.

So Grateful!


Attorney Susan Michelle Budowski is the ultimate professional! She’s genuine, prompt, and kind. I felt her sincerity and commitment at the outset. She’s there for you every step of the way.. She responds promptly and over delivers, as she exceeded my expectations. She had my case wrapped up in just over a month. She truly knows her craft, extremely knowledgeable. She is Godsend, indeed!

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  • Are you experiencing a financial hardship?

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