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If you own a timeshare and no longer want to deal with the financial burden, you will likely be told that your only option is to sell it or give it away. Consider the source. Timeshare companies have little incentive to cancel your timeshare. For real answers and real help, you need to talk to a timeshare attorney in Florida that has the experience and knowledge to reach a positive outcome.

The attorneys at MyTimeshare Attorney are dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers dealing with the timeshare industry. We understand the tactics that timeshare companies use to hook buyers. We also have successful experience negotiating with these companies.

What Can a Timeshare Attorney in Florida Do For You?

If you can no longer afford to maintain a timeshare or if you feel that you were misled during the buying process, your first call should be to MyTimeshare Attorney. Our staff can guide you through a number of situations including:

Timeshare Cancellation: Oftentimes, timeshare companies fail to comply with consumer protection guidelines. We work to discover ways in which they misled the consumer in an attempt to get a timeshare company to cancel your contract.

Deed in Lieu: We negotiate with timeshare companies to encourage them to take back their properties.

Contract Review: Ideally, you should contact timeshare lawyers in Florida before you need them. Have them review your contract before you purchase a timeshare, this could save you time and money.

Our Process

The lawyers at MyTimeshare Attorney meticulously review your situation to determine the best strategy for getting you out of your timeshare contract. We will look for ways in which timeshare companies may have withheld information. We then diligently work to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

For a free consultation with a timeshare attorney in Florida, please contact us at 888.265.7900, or book online.

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