Timeshare Cancellation Attorney

Once the hoopla of the sales meeting is done and you are home from your vacation, the realization that you purchased a timeshare may set in. It may become even more apparent when you receive your first notice for timeshare fees or a special assessment. The fees can add up and if your financial situation changes, you may decide that a timeshare is not for you. However, what timeshare companies don’t tell you is that the time to cancel your timeshare has likely passed.

While timeshare companies and forums will tell you that your only option is to sell your timeshare, that’s not true. The team at MyTimeshare attorney have the skill, knowledge, and experience to help you get out of your timeshare obligation.

How Timeshare Companies Mislead Buyers

Timeshare companies employ a variety of techniques to get the consumer to purchase a unit without properly reviewing the contract. The moment you step on the property, they attempt to overwhelm you with a myriad of great amenities and the promise of yearly vacations. The sales pitch is long and taxing, but when you make the purchase, the signing process is frighteningly short. It’s in this process that the consumer, at times, is misled. A number of timeshare companies will either give misleading information or withhold information in regards to the following:

  • The presence of maintenance fees or that they will increase periodically
  • The time period in which a timeshare cancellation can take place
  • If and when you can stay at other resorts within a timeshare network

How MyTimeshare Attorney Helps You Get a Timeshare Cancellation

A timeshare cancellation attorney at MyTimeshare attorney will review your case and examine whether anything about your transaction was misleading or violates consumer protection laws. If it does, we will either negotiate on your behalf to cancel your timeshare or build a case against the timeshare company.

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