Timeshare Attorney

The timeshare attorneys at MyTimeshare Attorney provide legal counsel to timeshare owners that feel that through misrepresentation of information or fraud, they were encouraged to purchase a timeshare. We help you cancel your timeshare contract, relieving yourself of the burden this debt can cause.

When Do You Need a Timeshare Attorney?

Primarily, a timeshare attorney can help if you no longer want to own your timeshare. If you feel that certain details were misrepresented or left out when being pitched by a timeshare sales representative, a timeshare lawyer can build a case to get the contract canceled. If you feel that you can no longer afford your timeshare, an attorney can help negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure on your behalf. The best time to hire a timeshare attorney is before you purchase a timeshare. At MyTimeshare Attorney, we can review your contract and help you better understand it.

Why Do You Need a Timeshare Attorney?

Our timeshare attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of timeshare contracts as well as the tactics companies use to get you to sign them. It’s common practice to bring potential buyers onto the property, wow them with offers and amenities, then wear them down through a long presentation and an aggressive sales process. Once the buyer relents and decides to purchase a unit, the contract signing process is done rapidly and ends with a celebratory acknowledgment of your purchase. All of this is done to prevent you from focusing on the specifics of a contract that may not be buyer-friendly.

Why MyTimeshare Attorney

We’ve dedicated our careers to protecting consumer rights when dealing with the predatory practices of timeshare companies. We have the skills, experience, and determination to fight for your rights in these cases. We can help you with:

Timeshare Cancellation: We discover evidence of fraud and misrepresentation.

Deed in Lieu: We work with the timeshare company to convince them to accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure. This is will relieve you of your timeshare debt.

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