Things to Consider Before You Attend a Timeshare Presentation

timeshare presentation

Attending a timeshare presentation is a great way to get free stuff. All you have to do is listen to their 90-minute presentation and say no to the timeshare. Easy peasy, right?

Well, kind of.

The timeshare industry is a big one generating revenues over $8.6 billion a year. The whole reason a company does a timeshare presentation is to get people to buy. The salespeople are under extreme pressure to make sales.

They are very good at what they do and have no qualms about using strong tactics. Here are a few things to consider before going to an infamous timeshare presentation. If you do it right you might make it through without losing your life savings.

Be Wary

Be on your guard about everything. Don’t sign anything without thoroughly reading it first. Don’t accept any gifts without understanding the terms and conditions.

Oftentimes you receive a free or discounted vacation for listening to the spiel. They will use that against you as they try to coerce you into buying.

Accepting the gift doesn’t legally require you to buy anything. But they’ll sure make it sound like it morally does.

Negotiate Your Gifts, First

That being said, make sure that any gifts you do receive are worth it. You will be giving these people several hours of your time. And you will have to withstand a lot of pressure throughout the process.

The value of the gift needs to be worth what you will be going through. Sometimes they offer stuff like luggage or cameras. To be honest, that probably isn’t worth the onslaught that you will face.

Understand the Pressure

The pressure to buy is intense. The salespeople have a long list of tactics to convince you that their timeshare is an awesome deal.

These include but are not limited to

  • Guilting you for what you’ve already accepted
  • Putting a time limit on special offers
  • Arguing with your objections
  • Keeping you for longer than the allotted time
  • Not disclosing cancellation information
  • Outright lying about the investment value/actual ownership costs
  • Teaming up against you

Take a moment and look through a few online message boards and you’ll see. There is story after story of someone not intending to buy and being pressured into it. Timeshare salespeople are scary good at what they do.

Don’t Bring Money to the Timeshare Presentation

Don’t bring your checkbook and don’t bring extra credit cards. Most of the time they will require you to bring at least one major credit card. Pick one that has very little available balance on it to ensure you can’t use it.

Don’t get cocky and think you can withstand their tactics on your own. Make it less stressful for yourself. If you don’t have the money in hand, you can’t buy on the spot.

Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have

The only thing worse than buying a timeshare is buying it with money you don’t have. Salespeople will offer you all sort of amazing financing deals.

They want to help you buy on the spot. That way you can take advantage of whatever deal they’re offering. They’re only trying to help.

That’s how they’ll present it, at least. But if you stop to think about it, you would have two large, ongoing financial obligations. You’ll have to keep paying the maintenance fees and all the interest on the buy-in.

Imagine what would happen if you lost your job? You can’t even sell it for a reasonable amount to get out from under it. Which brings us to our next point.

Know the Resale Value

Do a little research and know the resale value of that company’s timeshares before you go. This can help you in a couple ways.

First, the salesperson will often tell you that if it doesn’t work out you can always sell it later. Of course, the idea is that you would recoup what you put into it. The salesperson will either outright lie and tell you that, or at least let you assume it.

The second way it can help is to get you out of there faster. Find their resales on eBay and bring in a copy of some completed auctions. You might find that your 90-minute timeshare presentation suddenly gets a lot shorter.

Know the Investment Value

A classic timeshare salesperson tactic is to portray the timeshare as an investment. Do your research beforehand so you won’t fall for this trick.

An investment is something you put money into, expecting to get more money out of in the future. You will never get more money out of a timeshare. Check out the real costs of a timeshare using this handy calculator.

You pay a huge buy-in up front. Then you pay hefty maintenance fees every year afterward. Plus, you can only sell it at a loss. There’s no gain in there for you, except maybe a couple of really expensive vacations.

Don’t Act Interested

Whatever you do while you’re at the timeshare presentation, don’t act interested. If you ask questions or appear engaged, they will take that as a sign they can make the sale. They won’t let you go until they do.

Enjoy Your Discounted Vacation

If you survive the timeshare presentation with your savings intact, enjoy! You deserve some rest and relaxation after the onslaught you endured.

Some people work the timeshare system against these companies. They figure out how to survive the timeshare presentation. Then they start calling up companies asking what discounts or free gifts they offer.

If you can stomach it, this can be a way to save big on your vacations. But you’ll need nerves of steel and no qualms about working the system.

What if You Didn’t Survive…

What do you do if you didn’t survive a timeshare presentation? Now you’re full of buyer’s remorse but don’t know how to get rid of it.

Resale seems to be your only option. But you’ll take such a loss that it doesn’t seem like much of an option.

Don’t worry, you do have another option. One that involves getting back much of your “investment”. Contact us today to learn more.