Practical Steps to Cancel Your Timeshare

Timeshare can provide a great vacation experience and holiday for the entire family. However, it comes at an enormous cost. When you want to cut your costs, a timeshare may be the first thing you want to cancel and or avoid purchasing to save the hard earned money.

How to Cancel My Timeshare

If you want to get rid of timeshare which you just bought, it can be cancelled with the help of timeshare attorney and the return of your initial payment. Attorney will help you with the following:

Rescission Right – Almost all states in the US provide the right of rescission. Buyer can change his mind during this period and cancel the contract without preceding his money. However, the period is not same in all the states it is very important to immediately contact an experienced timeshare attorney.

Cancellation Letter – Once you have decided to cancel the timeshare, your timeshare attorney will draft a timeshare cancellation letter and include all your details like name, contact number, address and the date of purchase of the timeshare. Request the return of the deposit. Your timeshare attorney will know the address of the exact department it needs to go to in order to assure you of the rescission.

Understand the Terms – Your timeshare attorney will know when to send the rescission letter before the deadline so that there is no conflict regarding the removal. Your timeshare attorney will know the conditions and check about the rescission period to ensure that you can cancel at this time without losing your money.

Once your timeshare attorney sends the rescission letter, they will follow up with the company so that the cancellation is not delayed. If you have just bought the timeshare, the right to rescission is the best way to cancel the timeshare with the help of a timeshare attorney.

You can cancel timeshare by following these steps without forfeiting money and in the process reduce your expenses.